Sell Your Digital Products, Movies, Training, Ebooks, Videos, Audios and More, Directly To Your Buyers.

Everything you need to sell and manage digital downloads, and more.

Lantify is Nigeria’s easiest solution to sell your videos, ebooks, courses, software, music, and all types of digital files. Everything you need to sell your work and grow your business. Your buyers can conveniently pay, using a secure online payment page and get instant access to download. Sell direct to customers. Get paid direct by them.

Super-simple digital sales platform for Nigerians.

We take care of everything for you so that you can focus on your passion. Upload any type of file like ebooks, software, video, etc.

Customers can securely complete their purchase in seconds using their Debit card, ATM card or Bank Transfer.

Your customers are automatically sent to a download page to access the file after payment. You get paid directly to your bank account.

Everything you need to sell any type of digital files in one simple place. Access your account from any computer or smart phone anytime, anywhere.

Features to help you sell any digital file easily.

Sell Digital Files

Sell any type of digital product and collect payments directly from your customers easily. Share your payment page link via Whatsapp, Websites, Social media and Text messages to receive payments from people securely.

Track Payments

Forget about waiting for alerts and, asking people to confirm when, how and which account they used in making a payment. Lantify shows you all sales received from your customers and when. So you know exactly who bought what.

Automate Everything

Lantify provides invoices and receipts which are automatically generated and emailed for sales transactions. Buyers can easily log into their account from a mobile device or computer and make purchases instantly.

Multiple Uses

Take the technical headaches out of selling digital products to your customers. Upload any kind of file, including videos, audio files, PDF’s, eBooks, tutorials or text. Customize your storefront and you’re in business.

Reduce Fraud

Stop exposing your bank account number, telephone number, name and other personal information to strangers. Just send them your unique Lantify payment page link to make their purchase via credit cards or bank transfers.

Instant downloads

Customers will be able to instantly download the files after purchase, Download page is emailed to them too. Plus, You can set multiple files or even different file variations, license options at different prices.

The easiest way to sell digital downloads in Nigeria

Lantify takes the headaches out of selling and delivering files online. Your members, customers, clients, subscribers or users can buy digital downloads and pay you online via your Lantify hosted payment page for videos, documents, images, PDF’s, online courses and so much more using their Debit cards, ATM cards or bank accounts.